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Reward Offered in Animal Abuse Case

The Bucks County SPCA is offering a $1,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person(s) responsible for injuring an orange tiger-striped cat found in Doylestown Township.

BCPSCA Orange Cat ChestThe cat, an unneutered adult male, appears to have been shot by a nail gun. The large, framing-style nails were found in the top of the cat’s head, just over his right eye, in one cheek, and just over the right hip. A community member found the cat in an open chest outside their home on Sunday January 3, 2016 and called the Bucks County SPCA. BCSPCA Emergency Response picked up the cat and took him to the Lahaska Animal Care Center where he was stabilized and examined by a veterinarian. The extent of his injuries was so great that the cat was humanely euthanized on the veterinarian’s advice.

“The amount of suffering this cat endured at the hands of a human is completely unacceptable, and clearly against PA anti-cruelty laws” says Linda Reider, Executive Director of the Bucks County SPCA. “We are asking members of the public to contact us immediately with any information about this situation. With help from the community we can make sure the person or people responsible are held accountable. Please contact Chief Cruelty Investigator Nikki Thompson at the  Bucks County SPCA, 215.794.7425, with any relevant information.”

BCSPCA Framing Style Nail


Download the flyer and help post it in the Doylestown area.

15 thoughts on “Reward Offered in Animal Abuse Case”

  1. Praying they find the owner or scum that did this to this beautiful cat..My tears are running down my cheeks…. this is uncalled for… dmn people!!! AND if someone can do this to a defenseless animal, they’ll not even think again about doing it to a human being.

  2. This is unacceptable. Hoping / praying the officials are doing all they can to find the scum that did this to this defenseless animal. If they can do this to a poor cat, they’ll do it to a human being… maybe the officials should start with them!!!

  3. I hope they find who did this. I can’t believe that some people are stupid when it comes to animals.

  4. Please correct channel 6 abc’s story about the cat with the nail. The cat was not placed in the box by the person, it was found there. Thank you.

    1. Thanks for catching that Jennifer – we have posted a correction on our FB page and will let channel 6 know as well.

  5. I am pledging extra $500 as an additional reward for the information leading to the arrest of the person(s) liable

  6. I live in this neighborhood & hate to think someone living or working here would do something so depraved. I will put this contact info on mailboxes as I take my morning walk. Thank you BCSPCA.

  7. There is a special place in hell for the person who did this to this cat. I hope they find him/her and prosecute them to the fullest extent of the law. Bastards!

  8. As a long-time animal lover, I find this unbearable! I will go online and donate $200 to contribute to reward amount. . . Dear Orange Kitty deserved more than this. God bless you all for your work with these precious creatures . . . .

    1. Thank you so much! We are glad to accept additions to the reward, if the donations are not able to be used in this case (if there is no conviction) they will be used to support our animals.

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