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Stray Cats

These cats entered one of our two facilities as lost pets (strays).  Click on the picture for more information, including their location.  They will be listed here for the duration of the stray hold periods explained below.  If an owner does not come forward, the pet will be evaluated by our medical and behavior staff for placement.  View animals available for adoption here.

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How long are stray animals held?

Pennsylvania State law does not have a stray holding requirement for cats or other small animals. We follow a hold strategy that maximizes positive outcomes for these animals that is based on current best practices in sheltering. For example, litters of young kittens are generally not placed on stray hold, so that they can be placed into foster care immediately. Older kittens and adult cats are held at least two days before being placed for adoption, if healthy and behaviorally sound.

If you believe one of the animals listed above is your pet:

Contact BCSPCA as soon as possible by phone or in person during regular business hours.

We take our role of reuniting pets and owners very seriously. In order to be sure we are returning a pet to their rightful owner, we will ask for the following information:

  • Photo ID showing current address
  • Proof of ownership such as current pictures, adoption or ownership papers, microchip or other registration ID and/or veterinary records

There will be a reclaim fee that depends on the amount of time your pet has been in our care. In addition to being sheltered and cared for, your pet may have been vaccinated, dewormed, and tested for diseases like heartworm or feline leukemia. Illnesses and injuries may have been treated. We want you pet to get home to you as soon as possible!  Payment options for reclaim fees are available.