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Poochie’s Story

When shelters and rescues work together, animals win! Poochie came to us in poor condition and our medical team went to work finding out what care she would need. She had a severe flea infestation and many skin issues. At 14 years old, Poochie found our shelter to be overwhelming and both our medical and behavior team knew she would do better in a foster home that could offer her continued care.
Heart’s Promise Sheltie Rescue, Inc. answered the call. They were more than happy to take Poochie into one of their foster homes. The first thing she did when she got there was to jump up on the couch and snuggle in the pillows with her foster mom for some lap time. They say that even at 14, she has great mobility and is a total lovebug. We are happy to know that she will be in the lap of luxury while she receives her medical care.
Thank you to Heart’s Promise Sheltie Rescue, Inc for being a great rescue partner and for taking in sweet Poochie.