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Morty’s Story

Morty helps out at the front desk
Morty helps out at the front desk

Nowadays Morty has a pretty great life as the Bucks County SPCA Lahaska Office Cat. He has his very own bed in the back for quiet naps but spends most of his days out and about. Office Cat is a pretty big job here. Morty greets two and four footed  visitors, checks on the staff and the shelter animals and lounges on the front desk collecting pats from everyone who passes by.

But things weren’t always so great for Morty. We know from his tipped ear that he spent some time in a feral cat colony and when he came to us in 2005 it was as part of one of the most severe hoarding cases the BCSPCA has ever handled. When he first got here Morty was a shy guy who lived in the back of the shelter, away from the bustle and noise up front. In fact Morty spent the first four years of his residence in the back, occasionally peeking his head out front and quickly retreating.

The animal savvy staff here knew it takes time for many animals, particularly those coming from bad situations, to warm up and show their stellar personalities. It is our job to give them a safe and comfortable place to make that transition. It doesn’t happen overnight – for some like Morty it can take years – but when that transformation happens it is pure magic. Suddenly a whole new and better  life opens up not only for that animal but also for the people who open their hearts and homes (or shelters) to him or her.

On the day that transformation happened for Morty he calmly strolled out front and never looked back. Now he is in the enviable position of having almost unlimited lap time, endless strokes and the chance to share his story to help support the transformations of thousands of animals.