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In Memory of Nardo

NardoAs many of you know, Nardo has left us. He came to us almost three years ago as part of a case of neglect. His owners had more horses than they could care for, so they were signed over to us. We were able to place all of the 15 horses, except for Nardo and Tucker. According to his owner, Nardo started his life in Ireland, and went on to be a racehorse. A lot of his life we have no knowledge of, but it was obvious that his attachment and affection for Tucker were genuine. They had been together for many years, and were able to enjoy the last three years with us. Over the past year, Nardo started slowing down quite a bit. His constant arthritic pain built, and his feet were causing more and more problems. It became painful for him to move, even with the regular maintenance and anti-inflammatory medication. He let us know it was time for him to leave us this past weekend. It wasn’t fair to let him linger any longer, so he was able to let go with several loved staff members with him. Although we will miss him, we know his last years with us were made as lovely as possible.

Maria Rupp