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All the Love…Half the Price

Thanks to a special friend of Bucks County SPCA, our amazing adult cats are only $25 for a limited time. Our friend knows that adult cats make wonderful pets. They are past the ankle biting stage, you won’t have to worry about your curtains and they are ready to fill your life with head bumps, sweet purrs and night-time cuddles. Don’t miss your chance to get all the love at half the price!

All love half price FB 2015


If you would like to donate to this promotion and help even more adult cats simply add “All the love half the price” to the Special Message field when making an online donation, or mail a check with the promotion’s name in the memo line to BCSPCA, PO Box 277, Lahaska, PA 18931. Questions? Call Alison Levine at 215.79407425.



Helping 43 Chihuahuas and Their Family

ChihuahuapuppieskissOn April 23, 2015 the Bucks County SPCA, with the help of the Bensalem Police removed 32 Chihuahuas from a Bensalem residence. The dogs are safe and being well cared for at our shelters. We are also caring for 11 Chihuahuas previously removed from the residence. Clearly the circumstances leading to the ownership of so many dogs, and the removal of the dogs, were stressful for the family and the dogs alike.

The situation was brought to our attention by Bensalem animal control, and an investigation is ongoing. We’re now working cooperatively with the family of the dog owner to come to a resolution that will be good for dogs and people alike, and to return a manageable number of dogs. The family is happy for us to spay or neuter all of the dogs. As we work through this the dogs will be in our care and we will update you as they become ready for adoption. If you are interested in adopting one of these dogs, email info@bcspca.org for more information and an application. 

Remember, we are here to help. If you someone who has too many animals call us at 215.794.7425 and we can help. If you are looking for a local, low cost spay and neuter program you can contact No Nonsense Neutering, who have clinics in multiple locations, including our Upper Bucks shelter,  or Animal Alliance in Lambertville, NJ.

Watch the story on Fox 29 News and read about it in the Bucks County Courier Times.



Volunteer Viewpoints: Adoptions

Think you know how adoption decisions are made? Take a peek behind the scenes with this edition of Volunteer Viewpoints, written by Justin Palatsky who volunteers in the Upper Bucks shelter Cat Adoption Room.

I was helping a family decide on the right cats.  They wanted to adopt two at once, which is always awesome when potential adopters say they’re looking to adopt two.  I know all the volunteers/workers in ear-shot perk up when we hear that.  Anyway, I showed them a black and white (cow-patterned) cat named Buddy who was on the adoption floor for I think just a few hours.  I interacted with Buddy a few minutes before the family came and realized he would not last long with such a friendly personality as his.

candy cane
Shy Candy Cane got a new home when fellow feline Buddy chose her to be his friend

Well, once in the visiting room he makes his rounds and headbutts everyone as expected.  He soon settles down in the mother’s lap and Buddy thinks he’s adopted already.

So, onto the cat #2.  We try a couple of others that the father liked but there wasn’t that instant spark like with Buddy.  So I tell them about a shy cat named Candy Cane (a small brown tabby).  You could hold her forever.  I bring Candy Cane into the visiting room and put her in the middle of the floor while keeping my hands on her to provide a little safety net.  Buddy runs right over to her and licks her forehead.  He didn’t do that to the other cats I brought in.

The family is unanimously and instantly sold.  Buddy and Candy Cane go home together and I can only assume they rule the house side-by-side now.

Pet Welfare and Wellness Series

ScrappySILKYXbluetancuteThe Bucks County SPCA is partnering with Holiday House Pet Resort and Doylestown Veterinary Hospital to help you and your pets have the best possible life together. The Pet Welfare & Wellness Series will help you and your pets get the most of your relationship from day one through grey muzzles.

This free, four-part series covers Adopting a Shelter Pet, Pet First Aid, Pet Socialization & Training and Caring for Senior Pets. Attendees are invited to sign up for one or all four events. Children are welcome and each presentation will have information specifically tailored for them.

It is our hope that the Pet Welfare and Wellness Series will help head off some of the problems that all to often lead to pets being surrendered to shelters and will strengthen the bond between pets and their people.

The Pet Welfare and Wellness Series:

Adopting a Shelter Pet
March 19th, 7:00 PM to 8:00 PM
Bucks County SPCA, Upper Bucks Shelter
60 Reservoir Road, Quakertown PA
Sign Up

Pet First Aid
April 20, 7:00 PM to 8:00 PM
Health & Wellness Center
847 Easton Road, Warrington, PA
Sign Up

Pet Socialization and Training
May 21, 7:00 PM to 8:00 PM
Holiday House Pet Resort
380 North Shady Retreat Road, Doylestown, PA
Sign Up

Caring for Senior Pets
June 16, 7:00 PM to 8:00 PM
Bucks County SPCA Lahaska Shelter
1665 Street Road, Lahaska, PA
Sign Up
All presentations are free, but seating is limited. Please use the links above to reserve your spot.

Conversations with Cats, Valentine’s Day Edition

Location: Bucks County SPCA Cat Adoption RoomCat Kissing Booth

Hey cats, Valentine’s Day is coming up soon. We should plan a fun activity to promote how lovable and adoptable you all are, how about a kissing booth? Look I found this cute picture online, doesn’t that look great?

Abigail Cat

Judging by the the look on Abigail’s face the cats weren’t quite convinced that my kissing booth was such a great idea. “Why don’t you let us do our own research and we’ll get back to you on that one” she said. So I gave them some time to think it over and returned to the cat room in a bit.

Upon entering I could tell something was up. The cats looked even more pleased with themselves than normal, which as anyone who knows cats knows, is quite a bit.

Tiger Cat

This time Tiger was voted spokescat. She addressed me from her throne – also known as the lap of a volunteer. “We’ve thought it over” Tiger proclaimed “and decided that a kissing booth is really something a *sniff* dog would do. So we did some research of our own and figured out how to re-brand this to be more, well, feline.” Tiger nudged her volunteer servant who dutifully showed me the picture the cats had deemed appropriate for a Valentine’s Day event.


khissing booth

Sigh. The cats want a hissing booth? Well, I thought to myself, at least they only want to charge 5 cents per hiss.  I tried to explain to Tiger that maybe promoting hissing wasn’t the best way to get people to adopt them, but she was having none of it. “Nonsense” she told me. “Anyone who wants to adopt a cat knows that sometimes cats hiss, especially when they have to live in a place with so many cats and so few servants.” Here she paused and glanced around the room to make sure we all understood that a double-digit number of cats to a single-digit number of servants is a COMPLETELY unacceptable situation.

I could see that the cats were not going to let go of the hissing booth. So I did what any good cat lover does when faced with feline logic. I bribed them. “Great” I told the cats, “no kissing booth for you guys, we’ll leave that to the dogs.” Pulling out a crinkly bag full of cat treats, I instantly got their attention. As I started doling out the treats I asked “How about we tell everyone how loving and affectionate you can be and lower your adoption donations to just $14 for the week of February 14th?”

I decided to take the contented sound of munching as agreement and bolted out of the room before the cats did any more research on their own.

And now I am very happy to tell you that the wonderful cats at the Bucks County SPCA are full of love will show this through their tail shimmies, slow eye blinks, head bumps and buzz-y purrs (though they may also display their hissing skills on occasion). Cats over one year old can also be adopted for only $14 February 8th through 15th!

BCSPCA Celebrates 2000+ Adoptions in 2014

Tommy Shih TzuIt was an amazing year at the BCSPCA, over two thousand animals – 2,033 to be exact- got a second chance at life in 2014. Thank you to the families who opened their hearts and homes to animals in need. Our very last adoption of the year was especially heartwarming. Tommy the special needs Shih Tzu, right, is deaf and has impaired vision, but that doesn’t stop him – and it didn’t stop his new family from adopting him. Thanks to all for supporting us so we can be here for Tommy and other animals in need.