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Bucks County Since 1912
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Use GoodSearch.com for all your internet searches and earn money for our shelter at the same time!

Redner’s Save A Tape Program

Do you shop at Redner’s Warehouse Markets? You can earn money for the Bucks County SPCA by participating in their Save A Tape program!

Donate a Bed Program

Would you like to make the life of a shelter dog more comfortable? Why not donate a bed! Kuranda Pet Beds has made it easy for you to donate a bed to the Bucks County SPCA.  Choose which size bed you would like to donate to the Bucks County SPCA. Once you have placed the order, the beds are shipped directly to our shelter, and you will receive a thank you notice via e-mail. Simply click, choose and feel good about the comfort you have provided for a dog at the Bucks County SPCA!

Donate “Stretch & Scratch”

These innovative new “Stretch & Scratch” scratchers will help our feline friends to feel more comfortable in our shelter environment.  This wonderful new product also gives our kitties some mental stimulation in their kennels.  

Donate a Thundershirt

The Thundershirt is an innovative, effective body wrap that uses gentle pressure to calm the nervous system.  Similar to the T Touch method, the Thundershirt is easy to use and put on your dog.  Many dog owners find that the Thundershirt helps relieve the anxieties associated with thunderstorms, noise and travel.  You can help improve the quality of life for hundreds of shelter dogs by donating one today!  Simply click on the Tundershirt Logo below:

Donate a Thundershirt!