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Giving Tuesday

Kittens in a basketTHANK YOU!

Giving Tuesday was a win for the animals! We raised more than $5,000 to provide fee-waived sterilizations for cats. That means hundreds of fewer homeless kittens next year. We are grateful for your support to improve the welfare of animals in Bucks County.
This Giving Tuesday, BCSPCA is raising critically needed funds to spay and neuter Bucks County cats. Your $40 donation will pay for spay/neuter surgery and vaccines for one deserving cat.

This service is in high demand. So far this year we’ve performed more than 600 cat sterilizations. Cats can have up to 3 litters each year. That adds up to a lot of unwanted kittens!

We’ve had great success helping people reduce cat overpopulation. One family we helped had a large group of outdoor cats on their property. The cats were producing many litters of kittens. The family humanely trapped and brought us a few cats each week to be neutered.

Over the course of several weeks, all the cats were neutered, vaccinated, and safely returned to the property where they can live and be cared for without concern of more mouths to feed in the future.

This family could not have afforded to have so many cats sterilized. They were extremely grateful to the BCSPCA for helping them do the right thing for their cats.

Give today to help reduce the overwhelming numbers of homeless kittens in Bucks County.

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