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BCSPCA Investigation of Owner of 5 Horses in Bedminster Continues

The Bucks County SPCA (BCSPCA) has been investigating the condition of five horses in Bedminster Township since first receiving complaints in May that the horses were under weight and without sufficient food and water. BCSPCA Humane Officer Nikki Thompson investigated and found the conditions to be lacking and the horses not in good health. The owner was ordered to provide adequate food and water daily and to provide proof of care by a licensed veterinarian.

During a follow-up visit by BCSPCA, the owner’s veterinarian was present and evaluated the horses. Testing is being done to determine if illness, parasites, or other medical issues are underlying causes contributing to their severe weight loss. BCSPCA continues to monitor the conditions onsite in coordination with the Bedminster Police Department.

On July 7 BCSPCA met with members of Mountainview Horse Rescue to confirm their removal of two of the five horses to another location for care and rehabilitation per the direction of their owner who lives out of state. Also on July 7, BCSPCA visited the Bedminster property again and found food and water available for the remaining three horses. While the horses are still thin and may be suffering from other health conditions yet to be determined by the veterinarian’s tests, we are pleased to report that they are putting on weight.

We understand the concern for these animals and desire for immediate action. BCSPCA is pursuing the legal steps available to us, as we do in all animal cruelty investigations. These steps are designed to win a conviction of animal cruelty should charges need to be filed and a case go to court. We continue to work with the owner of the three horses to make sure she complies with orders regarding their care. We will pursue further action should the owner become noncompliant.

BCSPCA is thankful for the concerned individuals who first brought the plight of these horses to our attention, and for the cooperation of Bedminster Police and Mountainview Horse Rescue. If you have new information about this case or suspect animal cruelty in your community, please contact Chief Humane Officer Nikki Thompson at (215)794-7425 ext. 107 or Nthompson@bcspca.org.